Joe Treasure_Banner (2)Kicking of the Blog Tour today for The Book of Air by Joe Treasure.

This is a gripping dystopian fantasy in which two parallel stories explore the enduring impulse of humankind to find meaning in a turbulent world.

The story opens with wealthy property developer Jason, fleeing London from a deadly airborne virus, which has already killed his wife Caro.

He heads to his country estate where he is obliged to navigate a new way of life with an itinerant assortment of fellow survivors.

Far in the future, an isolated community of descendants is still farming Jason’s estate.

Amongst their most treasured possessions are a few books, including a copy of Jane Eyre, from which they have constructed their fiercely Puritanical hierarchies, rituals and beliefs.

When 15-year-old Agnes begins to record the events of her life, she has no idea what consequences will follow.

Treasure, who has already written two critically well-received books The Male Gaze and Besotted (both published by Picador), lives in south west London with his wife Leni Wildflower.

By Sue Featherstone.

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