You could say I live north of Leeds rather than North Leeds, and Sue is in Wakefield, but that didn’t stop us from featuring in a great magazine called North Leeds Life.

North Leeds Life 1

The monthly magazine took the line that Sue and I plan to turn our debut novel, A Falling Friend, into a trilogy.

Our first novel ends on a life-changing cliffhanger and so many readers and reviewers have asked: ‘What happens next?’  that we decided we had to resolve the story by writing a sequel.

That’s now written and we’re currently busy with re-writes and edits, and we’ve been told the lovely people at Lakewater Press hope to publish it later this year.

We need to warn you, though, the second book also ends on a life-changing cliffhanger.

So, we’ve started thinking about the third book in the series. We can’t say anything for definite as, by the nature of book writing, what we plan to do at the start is often not what happens when it comes to sitting in front of a computer.

The North Leeds Life article also gives details about how Sue and I met while job sharing in a Leeds PR office – and how we both went on to teach journalism at two of Yorkshire’s universities.