Cover reveal: A Forsaken Friend and a make-over for A Falling Friend



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A Forsaken FriendIt’s so hard to keep a secret when you’ve been dying to shout from the rooftops and beg everyone to admire the beautiful cover for your new book.

But, at long last, it’s cover reveal day and we can finally share the cover of our new novel A Forsaken Friend.

It’s the second in our Friends trilogy and the cover of the first one, A Falling Friend, has had a make-over too.

Early feedback from friends, who were given a sneak preview last weekend, has been very positive and we’re hoping both covers will go down a treat with readers too.

And, now, we’re gearing up for the publication of A Forsaken Friend, which will be published by Lakewater Press on March 21.

A Falling FriendWe pick up the story where A Falling Friend left off with best friends Teri Meyer and Lee Harper both facing changes.

As the book opens things can’t get much worse for Teri: she’s lost her job at the university, as well as the regular allowance from her dad’s factory, and now her ex-best friend has gone and stolen her ex-husband!

Teri decides to hell with them all and heads off into the Continue reading

Read an extract: Trouble for Vicky and Lizzie in Andrew Mackay’s satire



Vicky and Lizzie's First Period (Kindle Cover) (2)Did you enjoy Thursday’s witty extract from Andrew Mackay’s new novel Vicky and Lizzie’s First Period?

Mackay, who says his influences include John Cleese, Tom Sharpe and Michael Frayn, describes himself as a satirist who likes to expose the dark underbelly of modern life.

He likes to be a bit shocking sometimes – but promises he’ll also make readers laugh.

Here to whet your appetite for what promises to be a wickedly funny novel is a second extract from chapter one:

Vicky and Lizzie pushed through double doors and entered the sports hall concourse. They were a few minutes late. A congregation of one hundred anxious students lined the wall. They looked nervous as they waited to enter the sports hall to sit their exam. Continue reading

Cover reveal: Thank you for your support and still time to enter our GIVEAWAY


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Mock covers AFF1 and 2 (3)Many, many thanks to everyone who supported yesterday’s double cover reveal for our new novel A Forsaken Friend and its sister A Falling Friend.

It felt a bit hectic at times trying to respond to all the tweets and shares and likes on Twitter and Facebook but we’re really grateful to everyone who mentioned us.

As the lovely Rachel Gilbey said at one point: ‘I think people may know you have some new covers and a new book out now.’  Continue reading

Read an extract: it’s first period for Andrew Mackay’s wickedly funny heroines Vicky and Lizzie


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Vicky and Lizzie's First Period (Kindle Cover) (2)Here’s the first of two extracts from what promises to be a wickedly funny novel: Vicky and Lizzie’s First Period by Andrew Mackay.

You can meet Andrew and read the book blurb here but first here’s an introduction to two rather mischievous girls.

Extract: Vicky and Lizzie’s First Period

‘Okay, settle down, everyone.’ Mr Parker walked to the front of the classroom with a few sheets of paper in his hand. He waited patiently for everyone to stop their chattering. ‘Guys, please?’

Vicky, Lizzie, and Jody sat at the back table next to Jonnie and Sam. The girls and boys exchanged glances and faced the front. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Vicky and Lizzie make author Andrew Mackay’s day


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Vicky and Lizzie's First Period (Kindle Cover) (2)And now for something completely different: introducing Andrew Mackay, and the brand new cover of what promises to be the wickedly funny Vicky and Lizzie’s First Period.

Mackay, who says his influences include John Cleese, Tom Sharpe and Michael Frayn, describes himself as a satirist who likes to expose the dark underbelly of modern life.

He likes to be a bit shocking sometimes – but promises he’ll also make readers laugh.

And he’d be delighted if you could join him tonight on Facebook for a virtual launch party Continue reading

What I’m reading: Come and join me on WWW Wednesday


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WWW Wednesday logoIt’s WWW Wednesday again: and this week’s reading didn’t go anything like the way I’d planned it.

That’ll teach me to get complacent about the TBR!

Last Wednesday it seemed my weekly read was down to manageable proportions – one book club read and a couple of books I’ve fancied reading for a while and then…

…a friendly message from a Facebook colleague with a reminder that I was a day late with a review for a book I’d agreed to review weeks ago. Continue reading

Blog tour: Isabella May shares a day in the life of River Jackson, star of The Cocktail Bar


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The Cocktail Bar bannerJoining the blog tour today for The Cocktail Bar, the new release from Isabella May, author of Oh! What a Pavlova!

 Here’s the book blurb

Rock star, River Jackson, is back in his hometown of Glastonbury to open a cocktail bar… and the locals aren’t impressed.
Seductive Georgina is proving too hot to handle; band mate, Angelic Alice, is messing with his heart and his head; his mum is a hippie-dippy liability; his school friends have resorted to violence – oh, and his band manager, Lennie, AND the media are on his trail. Continue reading

Review: The First from A. Claire Everward marks a new struggle between good and evil



The FirstIt’s not often I turn the last page of a book and think: ‘Hmmm, I’m not really sure what I think.’

But that’s the effect The First, a debut novel from A. Claire Everward had on me.

There’s a lot that I liked: the plot, for instance, is unusual and intriguing.

Aelia returns from a vacation that did not go quite as she expected, to a life she does not feel at home in but that is, at least, hers.

Or so she thinks.

However, within days of returning she is targeted by a hit man and she has no idea why.  Continue reading

Review: GB Williams scores with tense well-written crime thriller Locked In


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GB Williams - Locked In_cover_high res (2)Talk about surprises! When I left former policeman-cum-convicted murderer Charlie Bell, in Locked Up, the debut crime thriller from GB Williams, he was no longer behind bars and starting to re-build his life.

Not quite sure what I expected would happen next. But I certainly didn’t think he’d become involved in a bank heist.

Nor, I suspect, did prison warder Ariadne Teddington, who became involved with Charlie when she recruited him to help her investigate a prison killing.

So you can imagine her surprise when she gets caught up in a bank robbery and recognises one of the gang members… Continue reading