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A Forsaken Friend

A Forsaken Friend

The FRIENDS trilogy continues in this heart-warming and hilarious hoot as two best friends navigate men, careers and rock bottom in this brilliant sequel to A Falling Friend.

Published by Lakewater Press.

Available to buy on Amazon.

About the book:

No-one said friendship was easy.

Things can’t get much worse for Teri Meyer. If losing her job at the university and the regular allowance from her dad’s factory isn’t bad enough, now her ex-best friend has gone and stolen her ex-husband!

Well, to hell with them all. A few weeks in the countryside at her brother’s smallholding should do the trick – and the gorgeous and god-like neighbour might help. Continue reading

Review: Opening a bookshop in a small town seemed a good idea. But was it?

An explanation: this review is about a book – but it’s also about a film. It’s a film review – but the film is an adaptation of the book – and it mentions the book too. OK?

The Bookshop

The film is The Bookshop, currently doing the cinema rounds, and based on the book of the same name by Penelope Fitzgerald. The original was published in 1978 and shortlisted for the Booker – and I simply can’t understand why I hadn’t heard of it until now. Continue reading

Review: JV Baptie makes a layered and intriguing debut with The Forgotten


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CoverWhat happens when your dad goes to work one day and doesn’t come home?

‘We waited and waited for him,’ says the person, who decided the murdered man would not be forgotten.

And years later the memory of Detective Sergeant Helen Carter’s father comes back to haunt her when her first job in CID is a murder inquiry.

Her boss Detective Inspector Jack Craven doesn’t want a woman on his team.  Continue reading

Review: It’s a smile-a-minute in Helen Bridgett’s witty rom-com The Heat is On


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coverIf you’ve got your wits about you, you’ll know when you’ve had too many glasses of schnapps.

It’s the moment when it starts tasting okay.

Thank 50-something travel agent Angie for the advice.

She’s the down-to-earth heroine of Helen Bridgett’s sparkling new romantic comedy The Heat is On, which is peppered with similar smile-a-minute nuggets.

Want another taster? Continue reading

Meet the author: don’t cross swords with Death on Dartmoor author BA Steadman


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Death on DartmoorWhatever you do, don’t mess with crime writer BA Steadman, author of Death on Dartmoor.

She’s a dab hand with a sword!

Although it’s a little while since she went into battle, Steadman’s a second Dan in the Japanese martial art laidō, which roughly translates into English as ‘the way of mental presence and immediate reaction’. Continue reading

Review: Best friend, Soulmate and Confidante… but someone’s Faking.

I’d been wanting to get hold of a copy of this since first reading about television producer Jane Fallon’s latest book. It was the title that did it: Faking Friends.

Faking 1

Anything to do with ‘Friends’ is of interest to my co-author, Sue, and I, given that we’re soon to complete our Friends trilogy, which so far consists of A Falling Friend, A Forsaken Friend and the third which has the working title of A Forgiven Friend. Continue reading

Review: YA novel Proof Positive from Lucy V Hay is positively thought-provoking


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Proof PositiveIt’s a truth universally acknowledged – and if it isn’t, it should be – that life is full of what if’s and maybe’s where every choice, every decision, changes the course of a life.

That’s the premise of Lucy V. Hay’s thought-provoking Proof Positive where bright, ambitious Lizzie locks herself in a public toilet with a pregnancy testing kit.

When the test proves positive Lizzie is faced with what could be the most important decision of her life.

Continue reading

Review: Twisty drama from Maggie James reveals Deception Wears Many Faces


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CoverWould you be gullible enough to fall for a charming con man who loves you for your bank balance rather than your GSOH and desire for FTA and an LTR?

Me? I’d have said no, I wouldn’t be so daft.

Although, let’s be honest, any confidence trickster attracted by my bank balance is in for a big disappointment.

But that was before reading Deception Wears Many Faces by Maggie James. Continue reading

Meet the author: DA Watson and his brush with Hollywood star Margot Robbie


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Cutting Heads - fav1 (2)Prizewinning author DA Watson spent several years working in bars, restaurants and call centres before going back to university with the half-arsed plan to become a music teacher.

Halfway through his degree at the University of Glasgow, he discovered he was actually better at writing, and unleashed his debut novel, In the Devil’s Name, on an unsuspecting public in the summer of 2012.

Plans for a career in education left firmly in the dust, he Continue reading

Review: Fun, fresh, fast-paced YA fantasy debut from Laurie Bell


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The Butterfly StoneThe epiphany moment came halfway through the first term at high school.

That’s when I realised I didn’t really like EP, the most popular girl in the class – a perfectly nice person but just not my type.

I suspect the feeling was mutual – but we managed to rub along together, probably because we were the only two kids in our form to be promoted to the year group netball squad. Continue reading