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A Forsaken Friend

A Forsaken Friend

The FRIENDS trilogy continues in this heart-warming and hilarious hoot as two best friends navigate men, careers and rock bottom in this brilliant sequel to A Falling Friend.

Published by Lakewater Press.

Available to buy on Amazon.

About the book:

No-one said friendship was easy.

Things can’t get much worse for Teri Meyer. If losing her job at the university and the regular allowance from her dad’s factory isn’t bad enough, now her ex-best friend has gone and stolen her ex-husband!

Well, to hell with them all. A few weeks in the countryside at her brother’s smallholding should do the trick – and the gorgeous and god-like neighbour might help. Continue reading

Review: Cultivating a Fuji takes a thought-provoking look at the perils of social anxiety


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Most workplaces have someone like Martin – competent, capable, reliable but also just a little bit of a ‘weirdo’ who never joins in with the other guys.

Most people – if they give it a thought – assume the Martins of this world choose their solitary existence.

But what if Martin, the unassuming hero of Cultivating a Fuji, isn’t simply shy and retiring? What if hiding his feelings is the only way he knows to survive?

Author Miriam Drori has written a compelling, heart-warming and thought-provoking UpLit exploration of loneliness and social anxiety. Continue reading

Review: A lucid and compelling YA supernatural thriller from Kristy Fairlamb



Very occasionally, I’m grateful I can’t roll back the years and become a young adult again.

Because, if so, I’d have been weeping fit to burst at the end of Kristy Fairlamb’s, YA supernatural thriller Lucid.

Slightly older me managed a sigh of disappointment because – without giving the game away – I’d really, really have liked things to turn out differently.

Still – there’s hope. This is the first in a two-part series that makes a lovely addition to the YA catalogue of Queensland-based indie publisher Lakewater Press and their first by an Australian author too. Continue reading

Viewpoint: the joy of work wear if you can spend £110 on a pair of pop socks.

It’s always interesting to hear how other authors work: where they write; what they have on their desks (or kitchen tables); the time of day that’s best for them to be creative; and what they wear.

Now to be honest, it’s the ‘what they wear’ that interests me the most today. Sorry to be so shallow, but I know from talking to other people who work from home, we’re not the sort for a full row of pearls and stilettos while we’re sitting in front of our computers bashing out the odd 5,000 words. Continue reading

Review: Make a date with Morgen Bailey’s laugh-out-loud rom-com The Serial Dater’s Shopping List


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Just the thought of dating a different man every night of the week is exhausting.

But local newspaper journalist Izzy MacFarlane, heroine of Morgen Bailey’s aptly titled The Serial Dater’s Shopping List, reckons lining up a new date ever night for the next 31 days, and writing about it, is better than trying to find something new to say about yo-yo dieting – which is the assignment tough-guy editor William has handed out to her pal Donna.

So, Izzy sets up a profile on NorthantsDating.co.uk but, before she dips a toe into the murky waters of internet dating, she lays out some ground rules – her shopping list. Continue reading

Review: Character-driven finale to Bell and Teddington trilogy by GB Williams



Former detective sergeant Charlie Bell has come a long way since he was first locked up for the murder of Phillip Mansel-Jones, a ‘scumbag of the worse degree’.

Now a free man, he’s attempting to re-build his life, but in Locked Down, the third and final instalment in the Bell and Teddington trilogy by GB Williams, he’s finding it easier to make enemies than to make friends.

Even the woman he loves, prison officer Ariadne Teddington, wants nothing to do with him. Continue reading

Review: Take a trip down James L. Weaver’s Blackbird Road and enjoy a thrilling character-driven ride


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What happens when you read a book that’s so good, you can’t find the words to adequately describe how much you enjoyed it?

You procrastinate – and six months down the line, you still haven’t posted a review.

Which is daft!

Because all I really need to say about Blackbird Road, the third novel in James L. Weaver’s Jake Caldwell series, is that it’s a cracking thriller with great characters.

And I LOVED it. Continue reading

Read an extract: Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin by Helen J Rolfe


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Do you believe in Christmas Miracles?

We’ve a delicious extract for you to read from Helen J Rolfe’s heart-warming festive romance, Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin.

Here’s what the blurb has to say about the book:

Holly is looking for a change and even though not everyone agrees with her career choices, she’s determined there’s more to this life than the long hours she works as an editor in New York City.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet Mitch, a recluse who’s hiding more than she realises.

Mitch does all he can to avoid human contact, spending his days in the little log cabin out in the woods behind Inglenook Falls where he owns a Christmas tree farm, so when Holly falls into his life, he’s not sure how to react.

All he knows is that something needs to change if he ever wants to get his life back on track. Continue reading

Review: Anita Waller’s Murder Undeniable proves an undeniable hit


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What happens when the good man you married isn’t all he seems to be?

In fact, he’s much, much worse than Katerina Rowe, a church deacon in the historic plague village of Eyam, could ever imagine.

And the tension is palpable as Kat slowly realises her life is built on a lie and Leon, the husband she adores, is a crook and a scoundrel.

But is he also a murderer?

Murder Undeniable is a promising start to a new crime fiction series from prolific Sheffield-based writer Anita Waller. Continue reading