Our third novel, A Forgiven Friend, is the final book in our FRIENDS trilogy.

We have now written five books together – three novels and two journalism textbooks – and the thrill, and trepidation, of sending each book into the world has always been just as intense whether it’s the first or the fifth.

It’s quite a few years since we first started writing together when we were both teaching journalism to higher education students. Me at Sheffield Hallam and Susan at Leeds Trinity.

Our first book Newspaper Journalism: A Practical Journalism was born over lunch at Rinaldi’s restaurant in Wakefield.

Writing fiction

Journalism was still a fairly new academic discipline and we felt there was a gap in the market for a practical how-to textbook. So we wrote it – and it was published in 2005 by leading academic publisher Sage.

To our delight, it was also printed in a Chinese language edition.

Feature Writing: A Practical Introduction came out the following year and, once again over lunch at Rinaldi’s, we decided to turn our pens to writing fiction.

It took us eight years to complete our first novel – life and work kept intervening – but A Falling Friend was released in 2016.

We hadn’t intended to write a trilogy, but we couldn’t get the characters out of our heads and they almost compelled us to complete their story. A Forsaken Friend followed in 2018 and it was joined the following November by A Forgiven Friend.

What the cover blurb says about A Forgiven Friend

Friendship will always come first.
There’s only one way out from rock bottom and that’s up, and Teri Meyer is finally crawling out from the worst time of her life – no thanks to her best friend Lee.

But no matter, she’s finally found love – real love with a real man, a successful man, a man who accepts all her flaws. Teri’s never felt like this before, and yet it’s changing her in ways she doesn’t understand.

And there’s only one person who can help, one person who truly understands Teri.
It seems that no matter how hard Lee Harper tries, there’s a battle awaiting her at every turn these days, and she’s tired.

And as if she needs the extra stress, Teri continues to create constant and unnecessary drama. Lee’s the only one who really knows what’s going on under Teri’s hard, convoluted exterior, and that’s why she’s always been there for her.

But the question is: will Teri be there when Lee needs her most?

The brilliant and entertaining final book in the unique FRIENDS trilogy dishes out another dose of rib-tickling mayhem for our favourite thirty-something professional women.

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A Falling Friend

‘This is chic lit with attitude, well observed central characters, interesting observation on friendship between women and a pace that never slackens.’ – Amazon customer

‘Reading “A Falling Friend” was like panning for gold: on every page, or sometimes more than once per page, I would come across some very funny turn of phrase or quip or verbal usage. Hilarious.’ –John Williamson

‘…a rollicking good read.’ – Amazon customer

 ‘Fabulous book. Couldn’t put it down.’ – Amazon customer

‘…an amazingly funny and loveable book. – Hannah Leslie

What the cover blurb says about A Falling Friend

After spending her twenties sailing the globe, making love on fine white sand, and thinking only of today, Teri Meyer returns to Yorkshire—and to studying.

That’s when she discovers John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester, and poet of all things depraved.

What she doesn’t realise is even beyond his grave, his influence over her is extraordinary. To hell with the consequences.

Having gone out on a limb to get old friend Teri a job at the university at which she teaches, it doesn’t take long for Lee Harper to recognise a pattern.

Wherever Teri goes, whatever she does, every selfish choice she makes, it’s all setting her up for a nasty fall.

But Teri’s not the sort to heed a warning, so Lee has no choice but to stand by and watch. And besides, she has her own life to straighten out.

A clever, raw and hilarious character-driven masterpiece that follows the lives of two friends with the same ambitions, but who have vastly different ways of achieving them.

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A Forsaken Friend

‘A warm, funny and entertaining read. The characters are engaging. The tone is sharp and witty, the adventures outrageous. Just the thing to brighten up a cold dark winter evening.’ – Annie Goodyear

‘Fantastically well written!’ – Ann Gray

‘The power of literary imagination.’ – Stagey Lady

‘What a fun read this is!’ – Barbara Quinn

What the cover blurb says about A Forsaken Friend

The FRIENDS trilogy continues in book two of this heart-warming and hilarious hoot as two best friends navigate men, careers and rock bottom in this brilliant sequel to A Falling Friend.

No-one said friendship was easy.

Things can’t get much worse for Teri Meyer. If losing her job at the university and the regular allowance from her dad’s factory isn’t bad enough, now her ex-best friend has gone and stolen her ex-husband!

Well, to hell with them all. A few weeks in the countryside at her brother’s smallholding should do the trick – and the gorgeous and god-like neighbour might help.

But then there’s Declan, not to mention Duck’s Arse back in Yorkshire…

It’s not as if Lee Harper set out to fall in love with her best friend’s ex-husband. But, for once, her love life is looking up – except for all the elephants in the room, not to mention Mammy’s opinion on her dating a twice-divorced man.

Perhaps things aren’t as rosy as she first thought. And now with one family crisis after another, Lee’s juggling more roles – and emotions – than she ever imagined.

Maybe sharing her life with a man wasn’t such a grand idea.

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Newspaper Journalism: A Practical Introduction

‘This is a lucid, lean and up-to-date introduction to newspaper journalism and how to do it.’ – Jane Taylor, The Surrey Institute of Art and Design

‘A worthwhile read – and not just for the latest newshound to join the press pack.’ – HoldtheFrontPage

‘An excellent insight into the world of journalism, and how to get started in it.’ – Ruud van Kasteren

 ‘…a very user friendly, concise and clear introduction into the world of working journalism.’ – Laurel F. Morgen

What the cover blurb says about Newspaper Journalism

A practical introduction to journalism, and the broader context in which journalists operate, Newspaper Journalism covers the key elements and distinctive features that constitute good newspaper journalism. Engagingly written, the book is also a rich resource of real life examples, anecdotes, case studies and exercises.

Susan Pape and Susan Featherstone have drawn on their considerable experience to provide a solid grounding in the principles and practice of newspaper journalism. The resulting book recognises the needs of the profession and those seeking to enter it.

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Chinese edition also available to buy on Amazon.

Feature Writing: A Practical Introduction

‘Looks great and is great, If you want to learn something about writing an article, this is the right book.’ – JM de Haas.

‘Good guide to feature writing. Really useful.’ – Anna Milan.

What the cover blurb says about Feature Writing

This book provides a practical and richly informative introduction to feature writing and the broader context in which features journalists operate. A

s well as covering the key elements and distinctive features that constitute good feature writing, Feature Writing: A Practical Introduction also offers a rich resource of real life examples, case studies, and exercises.

Authors Susan Pape and Sue Featherstone have drawn on their considerable shared experience to provide a solid and engaging grounding in the principles and practice of feature writing.

Available to buy on Amazon.