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Laurie Bell 2 (2)My name and website link: My name is Laurie Bell and I’m an author, blogger and an Aussie, living down under at the bottom of Aus where the weather truly does change through all seasons in a day, sometimes in one afternoon.

It’s currently autumn so, of course, yesterday was like a summer day and later this week it will be winter.

Rule of thumb is to layer your clothes.

My blog can be found at www.solothefirst.wordpress.com. You can also find me on Twitter @Laurienotlori.

I’m a lover of and writer of fantasy and science fiction. So that’s what you will find on my blog. A lot of short and long pieces of flash fiction, drabbles, rambles and anything else that strikes my fancy. I also interview other authors and post book reviews.

I started blogging in… February 2013 on WordPress but before that I held a livejournal blog.

Before that I was a member of several writing forums and way, way before that… I have several boxes of notebooks.

I’ve been blogging/writing in various forms for what sometimes feels like forever – I try to always find time to blog.

Friday FictioneersI am a member of a wonderful flash fiction community called Friday Fictioneers, recommended to me by another fabulous blogger, and I love it.

It’s weekly (so it forces me to write and post regularly which is wonderful for my writing) and has a word limit of 100 words (which also forces me to keep my writing tight and concise.)

A wonderful exercise and the community of Friday Fictioneers are just amazing!

My blogging day starts… on the train. I work an hour from where I live so I have a long commute.

Luckily, I get on early enough to snag a seat and I either spend the hour reading or writing. I work as an administrator. So, my days come in peaks and troughs depending on how madly busy we are.

What happens next? If I can get away from work for my lunch hour I park myself in a café and write some more. I find cafes and coffee terrific inspiration for writing – and if I write at home… there is a massive distraction called TV!


Once I get home, while dinner is cooking (microwaving probably) I jump on my laptop and type up my handwritten words. Some days I have time to do this… most of the time it’s on the weekends that I get time to type up my words. Then it’s printing and editing.

An endless cycle it’s important to make habitual.

When do you read and what do you read? Aha! Mainly science fiction and fantasy, though I do read widely. I have some fabulous contemporary books, women’s lit and non-fiction – I’m reading Stephen Hawking at the moment.

I’m a quick reader. Given the length of my daily commute, and depending on my mood, I can get through a few books a week. I read both on my kindle (just for carrying purpose –it’s lighter than half a dozen books) and print version. I have a room (library) full of bookshelves at home that attest to my love of physical books.

Oh gosh, my TBR pile is huge!!! And I love it because depending on my mood I can read anything.

I think I started reading as soon as I could. I remember being very little and my Nana and Poppa taking me to the local libraries every weekend and leaving with piles of books higher than my head.

As soon as I learnt how to read I read like a demon!


I can’t recall my first book… Long, long time ago but I do remember one about Willo-the-Wisp and another about a giant worm that gets its head chopped off that my Poppa used to read to me. It was a collection of stories that included fairies, giants, trolls and witches.

I blame (love) my Poppa for my love of reading.

When and where do you write your reviews? Anywhere and everywhere. Mostly the laptop, sitting on the couch watching TV after dinner or early Sat mornings while my partner, a teacher, is at school sport.

What makes a good book? A good story. A family vibe. A character you can follow. For me, it’s all about ‘The Story’ and the MC’s journey. Oh, and spaceships. A series called The Illuminae Files, The Burned Man, Star Wars, Stargate books, The Dirk Pitt Adventures, The Stephanie Plum Series, Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters, The Secret Watchers series… just so many to choose from.


What happens if you read a book and really can’t think of anything nice to say about it? I don’t think this has ever happened. I can find something to like in every book. It’s like a movie or a TV show. You can always find something to like. A character, a vibe, a story line, a villain, a spaceship, a pet, an animal, an author, a voice, a publisher, a world… anything.

Favourite fellow bloggers? All my fellow Friday Fictioneers. Everyone!

What do you enjoy most about blogging? I love the feedback! And the community of writers who are just simply talented, amazing and genuine.

But, for me, really the heart of it? I just like to write. If no one read anything I would still write. I write for me – to get the story out of my head and into the world.