Winnell RoadIt’s the long summer vacation and twelve-year-old Jack Mills is bored.

He lives on probably the most boring street in the whole world.

His mum spends all her time in the greenhouse growing flowers for the neighbours while his dad is in the basement inventing useless things like false nail soap dispensers.

And his best friend Andy is on holiday.

Jack has nothing to do and no-one to do it with.

And then a flying saucer appears in the sky, a weirdly tall family moves into the empty house next door, and three Freogans from the planet Khloros pop into his bedroom through a portal in the back of a bookcase. 

They need Jack to help save their galaxy and, when he suggests he might not be the right person for the job, they agree that, perhaps, they could find another child to help instead.

But, of course, they’d have to kill Jack first…

So, begins an exciting adventure that takes Jack beneath the earth’s surface to tackle enemy aliens and the discovery that his parents aren’t quite as boring as he thought.

Climbing the charts

Winell Road, a medal winner in the children’s fiction category in the 2015 New Apple Book awards, is an exciting Middle Grade sci-fi mystery.

Now re-issued with a striking new cover, the book is climbing high in the Amazon Young Adult charts.

Hardly surprising.

Author Kate Foster demonstrates a sure touch for what makes young boys tick.

And Winell Road delivers in spades.

Review by Sue Featherstone.

Winell Road is available to buy on Amazon.