A Forsaken FriendIt’s time to meet Teri Meyer in the flesh – quite literally.

In this second exclusive extract marking the countdown to the publication of A Forsaken Friend, my character-driven second novel with Susan Pape, Teri has a hair-raising encounter with some wild beasts and lays everything bare before a man, who she later describes as ‘gorgeous and God-like’.

Described as a warm, funny and entertaining read, full of twists and turn, A Forsaken Friend is more diva lit than chick lit it, and follows the lives of best friends Teri Meyer and Lee Harper as they navigate the ups-and-downs of their friendship whilst also juggling men, careers and family.

Published on March 21, A Forsaken Friend is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for just 99p. And you can pick up a copy A Falling Friend, the first novel in our Friends trilogy, free on Amazon until March 26.

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