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Christmas is just five days away and on the Lakewater Press holiday blog hop  it’s time to say hello to assistant editor Samantha Alban, who writes as SC Alban, and shares her Californian home with her family, three cats and three (terribly) lazy guard dogs.


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Today’s interviewee: assistant editor Samantha Alban

blog (url): www.scalban.wordpress.com

Where do you live? Sonoma County, California

What are your chances of having snow on Christmas Day? Most likely 0%, but who knows…this year has been full of weather surprises!

Samantha AlbanDo you have any favorite holiday traditions? I love setting up the train around my Christmas tree.

Last year I even bought liquid smoke for it!

I was heartbroken when it broke down and I spent days trying to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

After the fourth (I think) day, I finally got it working! I was so excited, I totally forgot about the liquid smoke and didn’t even find the bottle until after I had taken it down for the year. So this year, it’s all about getting that train running WITH the liquid smoke 🙂

Eggnog: Yes or No? YES!!!! (but, I drink coconut milk ‘egg’ nog).

Are you an artistic gift wrapper or a basic “paper & tape” warrior? Nothing says a traditional Christmas like brown wrapping with a simple red bow.

I call it “simple chic.”

Do you have any special holiday memories that include books? Are there any specific titles you remember? I always try to give a book to someone every holiday season.

I could spend hours in a bookstore and even though books are available for purchase online, I still love walking into a decorated bookstore during the holiday season.

And spending the time in the store, looking through all the titles and trying to find the perfect one for someone else to love and enjoy is something that I’ve always done and still love to do.

What is your earliest book-related memory? I grew up surrounded by books. I devoured them as a child. I had my own bookshelf since I can remember and it’s always been stuffed with books.

I LOVED all my series books, as a child. In elementary school, I had all My Babysitter’s Club, my Nancy Drew’s, my Sweet Valley High’s, and all of my Christopher Pike’s and later on, all my King’s and Rice and Twain and Dickens books all along the shelves squeezed in between all my classics.

My most favorite thing to do, after dusting my room (my most hated chore), was to take them all off the shelf and reorganise them.

I know, mucho nerdy.

Do you write/work during the holidays? I write all year round, so yeah, I usually squeeze in a bit of time on a holiday.

SC Alban booksCan you share what you’re working on now? I’d love to. Right now I have mucho projects, but I’m really excited about this YA magical realism I’m working on called THE MIRROR WALKER. It’s about a girl with a special ability to travel through mirrors to other worlds.

What are your goals for 2018? Yikes, I’ve got so many! Let’s see…to publish Book 3 in The Strega Series (Death Before Dying), clean up my 2 YA novels for querying, find two amazing books I can suggest to the Lakewater Press list, tackle a new WIP I’ve been stewing on for a while, and snag agent representation. Hey, dream big or go home, right?

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