Susan Pape (left) and Sue FeatherstoneEver wondered how Susan (left) and I ended up with indie publisher Lakewater Press – a fabulous boutique publisher, based in Queensland, Australia, and run by an Englishwoman?

Find out in my guest post about taking chances on Rachel’s Random Reads.

Blogger Rachel Gilbey is hosting ‘Chances Fortnight’, a series of daily features where different guest bloggers write about the chances that changed their lives.

They include, among others, Tara Lyons, writing about how redundancy offered her a chance to become a writer; Margaret Madden on the chance that led to her becoming a foster mum; Laurie Ellingham, who took a chance on following a dream; and Sandra Danby, whose Spanish ‘oportunidad’ took her to Andalucia.

It’s a fascinating series and I’m looking forward to reading about more chancers over the next few days.

Perhaps our editor and publisher Kate Foster should write about how why she took a chance on me and Susan?

You can read about the chances I took as well as the other guest posts here.