votenow-1-2The Book Lovers’ Booklist is entering a new chapter as a contender in the UK Blog Awards.

You can vote for us here.

Voting opens on Monday, December 05, at 8am and closes Monday, December 19, at 10 am.

It’s an exciting way to end an exciting year which began with the publication of our first novel, A Falling Friend, in spring 2016.

This was soon followed by our festival debut at the prestigious Ilkley Literature Festival.

And now our website has been nominated for an award.

This is a huge honour.

We started Book Lovers’ Booklist in summer/autumn 2016 because we wanted to share our love of books and everything to do with them.

Whilst we’re happy to feature new titles, we also wanted to spotlight old favourites – the well-thumbed books that we enjoy reading again and again.

Our tastes are pretty varied – so the Booklist features everything from comedy to crime and contemporary fiction to YA sci-fi.

And we’ve recently introduced a Meet the Author feature because like all readers we want to know more about our favourite new writers.

And, as former journalists, with extensive experience of working on national, regional papers and magazines, we’re also passing on some of the things we have learned after a lifetime as professional writers.

It’s early days – The Book Lovers’ Booklist is still not much more than three months old.

But this makes it even more thrilling to find ourselves in the running for the 2017 UK Blog Awards.

First established in 2014, these awards seek to recognise creative excellence across the independent and corporate blogging sector.

We are proud to be part of this community.

Voting opens on Monday, December 05 at 8am and closes Monday, December 19 at 10am.

Vote for us here.

A Falling Friend is available to buy on Amazon.