The Rosie ProjectIt’s most unlikely I’d make the shortlist as a possible love interest for geneticist Don Tilman.

He’s convinced love is an exact science and devises a questionnaire to help him find the perfect partner.

His friend Claudia warns he’s being far too picky but Don, who’s had plenty of first dates but never a second one, is determined not to waste time on unsuitable choices.

And, if the 16-page questionnaire means he inadvertently rejects a potentially compatible person, he’s prepared to take the risk.

It’s worth it, he reasons, to filter out the time-wasters, the disorganised, the crystal gazers, the fashion obsessives and the religious fanatics.

Not to mention the vegans, the sports watchers, the creationists and the scientifically illiterate.

And, after ‘The Apricot Ice Cream Disaster’, he’s especially keen to eliminate any potential ice-cream discriminators.

There’s no way 39-year-old Don can countenance a woman who doesn’t understand all ice cream essentially tastes the same because of the chilling of the taste buds.

And, then along comes Rosie, possibly the world’s most incompatible woman, who throws Don’s safe, ordered life into chaos.

Rosie teaches Don, not only that it’s okay to be weird, but that you can’t find love, it finds you.

The Rosie Project is an original and witty, page turner from debut novelist Graeme Simsion that proves love isn’t an exact science after all.

And, in case you’re wondering, I failed the questionnaire almost at the first hurdle: what’s your BMI?

Sorry, Don, I can’t do basic arithmetic, which rules me out on the grounds of mathematical illiteracy.

Wonder if Rosie would have done any better?

Review by Sue Featherstone

The Rosie Project is available to buy on Amazon.