Very occasionally, I’m grateful I can’t roll back the years and become a young adult again.

Because, if so, I’d have been weeping fit to burst at the end of Kristy Fairlamb’s, YA supernatural thriller Lucid.

Slightly older me managed a sigh of disappointment because – without giving the game away – I’d really, really have liked things to turn out differently.

Still – there’s hope. This is the first in a two-part series that makes a lovely addition to the YA catalogue of Queensland-based indie publisher Lakewater Press and their first by an Australian author too.

They’ve struck gold because although, the story builds slowly, by the end it’s impossible not to care what happens to Lucy Piper and her teenage love.


Lucy is both cursed and blessed with a wonderful gift – she possesses the horrifying ability to resurrect real-life tragic events in her nightmares, reliving over and over, as if she were there, the last few moments before the victim takes their final breath. Car accidents, drownings, plane crashes – Lucy is living death by night and fearing sleep by day.

However, when Tyler Sims and his family move to town to escape past traumas, Lucy finds the two of them are linked through their dreams, and with Tyler’s trust and friendship, hope for a brighter future returns to Lucy’s world.

But Tyler’s presence awakens something else in Lucy, and with this new knowledge she will be forced to make impossible decisions.


Decisions that will change history, and the future.

Fairlamb has written a real spine-tingler – chilling, haunting and compelling.

For UK readers, the Aussie setting adds an extra dimension as Lucy and Tyler navigate the highs and lows of first love.

The book blurb promises the ending will leave readers breathless for days. It certainly left me gob-smacked.

Can’t wait for book two.

Review by Sue Featherstone.

Available to buy on Amazon.