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Just the thought of dating a different man every night of the week is exhausting.

But local newspaper journalist Izzy MacFarlane, heroine of Morgen Bailey’s aptly titled The Serial Dater’s Shopping List, reckons lining up a new date ever night for the next 31 days, and writing about it, is better than trying to find something new to say about yo-yo dieting – which is the assignment tough-guy editor William has handed out to her pal Donna.

So, Izzy sets up a profile on NorthantsDating.co.uk but, before she dips a toe into the murky waters of internet dating, she lays out some ground rules – her shopping list.

Inevitably, the ‘don’t’ column dominates the ‘do’ and includes such gems as no couch potatoes, geeks or train spotters, smokers or trainers with smart suits.

Banoffee pie

The main criteria on the ‘do’ list is that potential dates should be tall with clean hair, tall and up-to-date with current affairs, and tall and well-travelled.

Oh, and did she say tall?

Sadly, most of the men she meets don’t tick all the right boxes although Tim ‘the Weeble’ leads Izzy to see banoffee pie in a whole new light.

But Tim, along with Lawrence, the super-skinny social worker, Felix, who has a bizarre penchant for Persian Piranhas, and music maestro Jake, who doesn’t want to talk about dead pets, add a great deal of charm – and several laugh-out-loud moments.


The ending – and the identity of Izzy’s Mr Right – is a little predictable. But, who cares?

I loved Bailey’s dry sense of humour and romped through this page-turner.

A perfect summer holiday read. Or even an Easter Bank Holiday one.

Review by Sue Featherstone.

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