I’d been wanting to get hold of a copy of this since first reading about television producer Jane Fallon’s latest book. It was the title that did it: Faking Friends.

Faking 1

Anything to do with ‘Friends’ is of interest to my co-author, Sue, and I, given that we’re soon to complete our Friends trilogy, which so far consists of A Falling Friend, A Forsaken Friend and the third which has the working title of A Forgiven Friend.

We agonised about the title of our first novel together and came up with every “f….ing’ friend idea you could think of, eventually agreeing that A Falling Friend matched what we were trying to do with the story.

Our book features the lives of two best friends who have the same ambitions – but different ways of achieving them. The ‘falling’ in the title refers to each of the women – Teri and Lee – and the falls they suffer and recover from; those ups and downs that many women face as they juggle families, love lives and careers.

Amy’s discovery

Faking Friends is the perfect title for Jane Fallon’s book. The faking friends are literally that: two best friends who think they know everything about each other. That is, until Amy makes a surprise visit home to London from New York, where she’s based as an actor, and finds that another woman has been making herself at home in her flat – and with her fiance.

Amy’s first thought is to discuss her fears with best friend and confidante, Melissa. But the truth dawns – shockingly – when Amy realises who the other woman is: Melissa.

However, rather than ‘having it out’ with her best friend and her fiancé, Amy conjures up a series of daring, fake scenarios with which to dismantle their lives.

Some of Amy’s actions will have readers squirming in anticipation – or shock. How dare she do that? Can she pull it off?

It’s a galloping read, and you’ll need to watch out for the twists. It might also make you think again about how much you trust your best friend.